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Basic care for pets (dogs and cats).

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The tendency of a pet in our home implies a series of responsibilities related to its care and attention that we should know.

Pet choice and arrival home

The first thing you have to ask yourself is if you are willing to adopt an animal and if it suits you. To do this, you must be willing to dedicate part of your time to the new pet, be patient and persevering, share part of your free time with the animal and know how to act firmly in the face of possible behavior.

In order to make living with the dog or cat the best possible, it is essential to take into account the characteristics of each breed and provide adequate care during the first weeks.

The accessories that must be purchased before the arrival of the new animal are a bed, feeder and drinking fountain, accessories such as leash and collar in the case of dogs and plastic bucket for deposition sand in the case of cats. You must also have a bag containing combs or brushes, wet wipes for cleaning eyes and ears and a nail clipper.


It is very important to keep our pets eating a balanced diet that meets their energy needs and provides adequate nutrients.

Ideally, both for dogs and cats, they consume dry food, adapted to each stage of growth and to each need. They should never consume raw food since these could í be a source of parasitic diseases.

It is convenient to prevent obesity. A normal animal must have the palpable ribs and hourglass shape seen from above. There are currently numerous commercial diets on the market that can help us avoid obesity.

In periods of gestation or lactation, high-end commercial food should be provided to female dogs and cats especially during the last three or four weeks of gestation and throughout lactation. The ration should also be increased especially during breastfeeding at a rate of 1.5 times the amount necessary for normal maintenance during the first week, 2 times more in the second week and up to 3 times more in the third week of lactation.


Bathroom : Experts disagree about the frequency at which baths should be performed. In general, it should not á be less than once a month. Some authors point out that it should be done when they need it, for example when the hair is dirty. Although cats tend to be less tolerant than dogs with the bathroom, it is possible to have the kitten accept it and get used to it. Special gels are recommended for pets.

Brushing : The best way to maintain your hygiene without altering your skin is daily brushing.

Ears : They should be cleaned with gauze. There are specific í products, they are put into the ear canal and the area is massaged, then cleaned with gauze.

Nails : In dogs that do not wear well you have to cut them, especially in the spurs. For cats there are accessories on the market for scratching ar so that cats keep the nails in perfect condition.

Dental checkup : Gently pressing the mouth joint with your fingers will cause your cat to open his mouth so he can see the state of his teeth. The teeth clean themselves by chewing dry feed or biting special toys. Tartar and bad breath must be treated by the veterinarian.

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