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Basic care for pets (dogs and cats)

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The tendency of a pet in our home implies a series of responsibilities related to its care and attention that we should know.


Dogs are social and hierarchical animals: this means that they need from puppies to know and assume their “position” in the family and outside it (in the park, in the presence of strangers at home, in the usual places of step like the veterinary clinic, in family homes, etc ..)

There is a fundamental period in the development of the behavior called “period of sensitization” that covers from 3 to 10 weeks and during which the puppy must assimilate everything that happens in its environment. The socialization of the animal makes them better accept other animals, both their own species and others, and the habit makes them able to face the environmental stimuli that will be found throughout their lives.

We must teach them some basic rules of living together by learning very simple obedience behaviors. To do this you must say your name before giving an order using a short phrase. You should always work with positive reinforcements. For example, if you pull the belt, close the distance and reward it when you do not pull. They must also correct undesirable behaviors such as the bite.

The language of cats is more complicated, although there are typical postures that obey their instincts and are very easy to know (hide under something, stretch and yawn, hunting posture …). Cats also have a body language, a vocal language that we must learn to know and a marking instinct by removing urine.

Sexual cycle and sterilization

Bitches can have their first heat between 6 and 10 months of age. Cats may have several jealousy in a row and their cycles are influenced by ambient temperature and sunlight.

Vaginal bleeding is a normal occurrence in female dogs and occurs in the first phase of the cycle. This phase lasts 10 days on average but can vary between 3 days and 3 weeks. In this phase the males are attracted, but the females are not yet receptive.

When a cat is in heat, she is restless, goes from side to side, barely eats, rubs herself against the ground and constantly meats. When the cat is ready for mating it will be done several times, usually with several other cats.

Sterilization is a surgical process that involves the total or partial removal of the reproductive organs and is performed in both males and females. This procedure increases its quality and life expectancy as it decreases the possibility of developing uterine infections, tumors and diseases of the reproductive organs.

There are other methods of reproduction control based on the application of drugs but oral or injected although the method of choice is castration for three reasons: to prevent unwanted pregnancies, to prevent the development of diseases mentioned above, and to control or eliminate behavior related to sex hormones.

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