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Is a surface cleaner with repellent properties against flies. With natural components extracted from plants, so it does not represent any toxicity and can be used in areas where there are food, kitchen utensils, pets and farm. You can spray it on all types of surfaces such as tables, showcases, kitchen furniture and tiles, we recommend that you leave it on and if necessary clean with a cloth.

It is a surface cleaner with repellent properties of straining insects such as flies, mosquitoes, horsefly mosquitoes, etc. Prevents flying insects stand on the surface where it was applied.

Pests that exterminate:

Our Presentations

FlyOut 500ml

Unit per box: 10
Unit net weight: 500ml
Net weight per box: 5 kg
Gross weight per box: 5.55 kg

Mosquikol 3 in 1

Units per box: 18
Net weight unit: 6oz
Net weight per box: 3.18 kg
Gross weight per box: 3.82 kg

FlyOut Gallon

Units per box: 1
unit net weight: 3,298

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