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Alcohol gel, instant hand cleaner

Gel Clean is a powerful antibacterial that eliminates germs leaving a pleasant aroma in your hands. Formulated with high quality ethyl alcohol, thereby ensuring the elimination of 99.9% of the most common bacteria and viruses, including influenza A (H1N1) virus.


Apply to hands, rubbing gently until dry. Apply as many times as necessary.

In variety of aromas




Our Products

Cuckol 3 Pack

Gel Clean 2 oz

Units per box: 24.
Net Weight per Unit: 2 oz.
Boxes per m³: 299.
Net weight per box: 1.36 kg.
Gross Weight per box: 1.67 kg.
Cuckol Tab 22g

Gel Clean 8 oz

Units per Box: 16.
Net Weight per Unit: 8 oz.
Boxes per m³: 84.
Net Weight per box: 3.62 kg.
Gross Weight per box: 3.83 kg.

Cuckol Tab 55g

Gel Clean Liter

Units per Box: 68
Net Weight per Unit: 34 oz.
Boxes per m³: 45.
Net Weight per box: 5.14 kg.
Gross Weight per box: 5.57 kg.

Cuckol Tarro

Gel Clean Gallon

Units per Box: 1.
Net Weight per Unit: 3.7 liters .

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